Our Manufacturing Capabilities

All our manufacturing processes and equipment are designed and executed with operational excellence in mind.

At all our facilities, the highest medical quality standards within device production are met and everything operates in an organized clean room environment.

Our technical capabilities are at an advanced assembly level and ranges from extrusion, injection molding, and spot-curing to welding, all designed for manual or robot assembly.

In short, we offer a professional manufacturing setup for mid and high volume production meeting all requirements from the medical market and authorities.

Our Processes

Infusion set production serter line

Packaging of medical films

Certified and Optimized Processes
At ConvaTec, your voice is a top priority. Based on your requirements, we offer in-house tool design as well as technical and process design support.

Our certified processes and facilities guarantee that your product is manufactured in the best way possible, as well as delivered on-time at a competitive price.

This is done by working closely with well-known equipment manufacturers to provide ready-to-order final assembly solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements, such as assembly forces, vision and inline controls.

From Low to High Volume
Based on your needs and requirements, we decide on the ideal manufacturing setup in close collaboration with you - whether you need low or high volumes.

We continuously invest in state-of-the-art processes that use either flexible, semi-automatic equipment for low annual volumes or high-capacity fully automated equipment for high annual volumes.

This ensures both fast implementation, flexibility and the lowest possible cost, whether you need help producing injection molding, assembly, customized packaging or vendor managed inventory capabilities.

Facilities Around the World
Our infrastructure increases your profit from our highly skilled people, cost optimization, and local distribution. Global scale and purpose are natural parts of our mindset, and we are well positioned to support your commercial requirements.

Our production sites are carefully chosen and placed at low-risk geographies in Denmark, Slovakia, and Mexico. Our facilities are FDA inspected / MDSAP certified with Clean room Class 8 within ISO 13485.

Medical Films
Our manufacturing capabilities within medical films include three types of embossed film:

  • Mono-layer plastic medical film targeting drainage bags and technical applications
  • 3-layer plastic medical film targeting blood bag systems
  • Multi-layer plastic medical film with and without barrier, targeting ostomy bags, hydro bags, and feeding applications

The extruder lines operate in controlled environments with controlled air lock entry.

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