Our R&D Center of Excellence

Our R&D center of excellence has a highly skilled team developing innovative and reliable products supporting home treatment options within subcutaneous drug delivery.

Collaborating with us means working with an innovative company of choice when it comes to infusion delivery technology, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, processes, and laboratory facilities.

Your product is optimized for end-user value, product quality, safety, and cost, thanks to our agile development model.

Product Development Process

Research and development

Robust Design Principles
Our product design is developed using tools, such as
• Robust Design principles
• Geometric Product Specifications (GPS)
• SolidWorks 3D CAD and PDM
• Finite Element Model (FEM) analysis
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Safety is Key
Design controls, human factors, and risk management are integrated parts of our development model and mindset throughout all phases of the development of your product. This ensures safety and efficacy of the product.

User Centric Development
Understanding end-users’ needs is key to maximizing value of any new product. When developing your product we collect valuable end-user knowledge through focus groups, medical advisory boards, and key opinion leaders.

Medical Films
All our medical films are customized. We have laboratory facilities for development of medical film according to customer specifications using various PVC types, plasticizers, stabilizers etc.

We use additives to optimize the further processing of the medical film by our customers and enhance the characteristics of the end-application.


Through our collaboration, we jointly develop customized solutions from early concept to finished product.

We also offer finished products to be customized to your specific needs.

Our user-centric approach is documented in our human factor engineering process and supported by application specific market research. We have a broad range of successfully commercialized concepts helping millions of users managing their conditions.

Let Our Expertise Back You Up
Together, we develop the best possible solutions in concept development and commercialization. You will have a competent and experienced team taking care of development processes, documentation, and testing. We will be guiding you through the entire development cycle, including medical device regulatory requirements, packaging concepts, product labelling etc.

To learn about research and development possibilities within customized solutions, please contact our responsible team.

Scrum board change team


Designing for tomorrow
We strive to be the innovative company of choice within infusion delivery technology.

Our innovation laboratory is equipped with various prototyping setups e.g. 3D printing facilities, flexible manual gluing and assembly lines, as well as CNC and rapid prototyping molding - a hub for concept and ideation, which has already generated more than 100 inventions.

Focus on End-User Needs
Medical device innovation is a multi-faceted process. One of the earliest phases is understanding individual user needs. This is imperative for a successful innovation process, final product quality, and user safety.

Diverse stakeholder input is provided into our innovation model to ensure product robustness and design for manufacturing. Throughout the process, we consider the cost effectiveness of the concept during prototype development.

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Testing
Pre-clinical testing and clinical trials are designed to support our innovation framework.

Pre-clinical testing, e.g. animal models, skin explant studies, and clinical trials are conducted with premium sites world-wide, such as Joanneum Institute, Austria, Medical University of Graz, Austria and Stanford University, California, US.

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