Infusion Sets for Subcutaneous Drug Delivery

As the first company in the world to improve patient care by launching an infusion set with an integrated insertion device, we are experts in subcutaneous delivery systems for continuous drug delivery.

Our latest development is a fully automatic infusion set with passive needle safety design and no visible needle, helping patients overcome fear of needles during use.

As the world leader in subcutaneous infusion sets we offer a wide range of products with automated insertion technologies, various insertion angles and cannula types.

In close cooperation with our partners, we develop products that support patient compliance and improve quality of life with intuitive interfaces and safety features.

Hospital Medical Devices

Suction Catheters Mülly with Funnel

Working with us, you partner with 60 years of catheter manufacturing experience and 40 years within the field of drainage bags.

In fact, ConvaTec is one of the founding companies of the modern-day drainage bag and one of the largest drainage bag producers in the world.

With us, you can produce and sell catheters and drainages for a wide range of purposes, all of which can be manufactured in various lengths and sizes, materials and shapes.

ConvaTec is a global leader of extrusion in PVC, Polyolefin, Polyurethane and other materials.

We produce extruded tubes with inline OD tolerance control and surface tolerance control from CH04 to CH32. The tubes are produced in REACH compliant materials. All tubes are released based upon your tolerance acceptance criteria.

Medical Films

No matter if you are a brand owner or a contract welder, we export to you all over the world.

Our film is used for multiple medical applications such as urine bags, dialysis bags, infusion bags, nutritional bags, hydro bags, blood bags, ostomy bags, and technical products such as tapes and flexible ducting.

As a strategic partner, we let you benefit from our knowledge, facilities, and our focus on quality as well as end-users’ needs.

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